Digital ICGPA Simulator

Getting a decent job for wellbeing living through academic qualification is perhaps, the main goal for many students pursuing tertiary studies. However, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the future jobs will never be the same due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. This revolution will directly affect higher education in terms of institution business model particularly on graduate employability (GE). Today, GE has become one of the key performance indicators or success factors for institutions of higher learning (IHL). The implementation of iCGPA may assist IHL  in embracing Industry 4.0 by designing personalized competency development through analytics and gamification, unlocking the graduates’ potentials for future employment. During the workshop, the implementation of iCGPA at Universiti Malaysia Pahang will be demonstrated. Also, the participants will be given the opportunity to experience the Digital iCGPA simulator.

This session  is beneficial for students, academicians and industry players.

Fee: RM60/person
Capacity: 40 Pax (Laptop will be bring by participants)
Location: Tun Teja 2, Block TTI UMP Gambang