Term of References

1. This project exhibition is open to all participants from the following categories:
  • Universities/ Educational Institutions/Colleges /Research Institutions
  • Polytechnics
  • MARA Skills Institute (KKTM/KPM/MJII)
  • Corporates
  • Government bodies
  • Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Individuals
  • Overseas

2. Team must consist of   maximum 5 participants (including advisor (teacher/technician/lecturer/supervisor). All participants must have legal permission from their institutions to enter this exhibition. Organizer reserves the right to verify each participant’s eligibility to participate in this exhibition.

3.  An invention/innovation must be new unless substantial modifications have been done to it since it was first competed in any other award.

4. Inventor/innovator must complete a separate entry form for each invention/innovation per category, which they wish to compete. Not more than one invention/innovation may be submitted on each form. Photocopies of entry form may be used.

5. A security service will operate during the whole period of the exhibition. However, the Secretariat accept no responsibility for loss, theft, damage due to fire or other cause to invention/innovation during the Exhibition or in transit.

6. An entry fee for :

DIPLOMA /SKM CERTIFICATE/ BACHELOR DEGREE & HIGHER : RM500 (Early Bird)/ Project and RM 650/(Normal Payment) / Project
PRIMARY / SECONDARY SCHOOL : RM 150 (Early Bird) /Project and RM300 (Normal Payment)/ Project

Payment must be made through online or local order payable to Bendahari UMP, Universiti Malaysia Pahang :

Bank Name            :Maybank Malaysia Berhad    
Beneficiary Name  : BENDAHARI UMP
Account Number   : 5562 3530 1457
SWIFT Code           : MBBEMYKL
Bank Address         : Malayan Banking Berhad Cawangan Pekan 96, Jalan Sultan Abdullah 26600 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur
Reference               : MyTVET 2017

7. By his formal application to participate in the award, each inventor/innovator undertakes to ensure the delivery of his project invention/innovation by 18 – 19 September 2017 and to allow it to remain on display during the whole Exhibition. Any inventor/innovator withdrawing his invention/innovation before closure shall render him liable to pay damages and shall forfeit any award given to him.

8.  The inventor/innovator or his representative is required to be at the exhibit at all times, throughout the exhibition. Failure to comply may cause the forfeiting of any award given to him.

9. All expenses occur should be borne by the exhibitors. A project will be equipped with a kiosk sized 2.44 meter (H) x 1 meter (W) including one power point and a chair for DIPLOMA /SKM CERTIFICATE/ BACHELOR DEGREE & HIGHER and a poster panel with a chair, table and a power point for PRIMARY / SECONDARY SCHOOL. Poster size for this exhibition is in A1 only.

10. The decisions of the judges are final. Any complain will not be entertained.